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WARNING!!! This website present the COMPLETE book Forgiving sometimes!?... WARNING!!!

Copyright © 2022 Patrick SALINAS
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-387-64274-8

WARNING!!! This Bible study also exists in EPUB and Paper formatWARNING!!!


WARNING!!! This site has been hacked by bad people who want harm to Torben SONDERGAARD and more generally oppose the truth and the gospel of Christ WARNING!!!

My good brother, Torben SONDERGAARD got arrested in the beginning of July 2022, on the suspicion of smuggling weapons into America. He was then put into ICE’s Baker County Detention Center. He was in jail for more than one year...
  • For those who don’ know him, Torben Søndergaard, is a Danish evangelist and founder of a ministry called The Last Reformation. He is 45 years old, married to Lene for 24 years and they have three children and two grandchildren. One day God opened his eyes. He saw that many of the people in his church were losing their fire for God or they had already lost it. Besides coming to church Sunday after Sunday, nothing happened in their life. So he and his wife decided to flee that church. Because they felt that if they continued there, they will end up like the rest. This was not an option for them. After a 40 days fast, God showed to Torben how to make the book of Acts a part of his life. He understood that Christ made in truly free. And he began to obey to the command of the lord, he GO and make disciples, preaching the true and full Gospel of Christ with signs and wonders !
I have made the sudy of forgiveness and the way benedictions and maledictions are working, because I am very concerned by the prescuted church.

Here we are with Torben.

I believe that he is the target of diabolics powers working against the church.
  • But God has all in control.
  • If he allows such persecution on Torben there is a reason.
I believe that God wants him to consider what is really forgiveness and how to not forgive an unjust forgiveness.
  • I believe that TLR can use right now the power of judgment that God gave to all his kings and queens on earth, his sons and doughters.
I finished the sudy and made the translation of my book in French « Pardonner parfois !?... » to english for Torben!




Forgive or not forgive, that is the question!
  • Do I have to forgive all those who harm me, without conditions, even if they don't care my forgiveness?
  • Am I compeeled to give up any reparations, any compensation for all prejudices?

Somebody would say, that these questions are completely out of sence because every Christian knows that Jesus-Christ taught us in the prayer to the Father; "forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors." (Matthew 6:12.)

It is not written to those who apologize to us. Certainly, it is not written here, but it is written elsewhere1!
So, we will see, in the systematic study what is the scriptural rule of the forgiveness, the rule which is confirmed, not only by one but all verses which speak about the forgiveness.

1. Systematic study

63 verses, gathering the 64 occurences1 of Forgive & forgave & forgiven & forgiveness & remission & merciful & remitted, all forgive-like words, are mainly a translation in English of the 64 occurrences of the following Greek words, found in these 63 verses:
  • ἀφίημι (aphiémi) - strong number 863. I send away, release, remit, forgive, permit –


  • ἄφεσις (aphesis) - strong number 859. deliverance, pardon, complete forgiveness –

>15 forgive-like/17occur.

  • χαρίζομαι (charizomai) - strong number 5483. I show favor to, forgive –

>8 forgive-like/23 occur.

  • ἵλεως (hileós) - strong number 2436. propitious, forgiving –

>1 forgive-like/2 occur.

  • ἀπολύω (apoluó) - strong number 630. I release, let go, send away, divorce -

>2 forgive-like/68 occur.

45 verses, among these 63 verses containing forgive-like words, many of them are speaking about the forgiveness granted by God.
18 verses, among these 63 verses containing forgive-like words, few of them are speaking about the forgiveness granted by a (wo)man

2. Questions & answers

The systematic study is final and astonishingly simple.
  • Nevertheless, here are some questions and answers to fully understand the rule of forgiveness, which is a fundamental doctrine of Christianity and constitutes a very powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

3. The practice of forgiveness

After the theory here are the 4 illustrations of the practice of forgiveness.

4. French Criminal Justice Code

The celestial principles very often find their applications in the physical world. Let's observe what the French Penal Code says about the general principles of the application of justice (according to the French citizen).it's the same thing in all countries of law, even if this quality is more and more flouted in FR, USA, UK, EC, CN...


God does not teach us to forgive everyone unconditionally but to love.
Jesus Christ himself clearly teaches the rule of forgiveness, in doctrinal passages from Matthew 18:15-35 and Luke 17:1-10, which is taken from it.
  • After he explains how to deal with someone who harm us and who persists in his sin, Peter asks him how many times he will have to forgive someone who repents but who begins to sin again.
  • In fact, it is clear that it is forbidden to forgive someone who does not repent (he becomes like a stranger whom you no longer even greet), but what to do with someone who repents and begins again?
God himself does not forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness and we are no greater than God!?...
Esaie.26.10 MKJV Let favor be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness he will deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD. 
Pr.17.15 MKJV He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, even both of them are hateful to the LORD. 
Psalm.5.5-6 MKJV The foolish shall not stand in Your sight. You hate all doers of iniquity. 6 You shall destroy those who speak lies; the LORD will despise the bloody and deceitful man. 


Please note that this book does not lay out one more opinion, but it exposes a systematic biblical study of all verses speaking of forgiveness in the New Testament, so that sound and holy doctrine emerges...


Bro Patrick believes that it was the Holy Spirit who led him in editing and publishing it.. 
  • Born again in 1995, baptized in the Holy Spirit in 98, and made himself available to the Lord with his wife in 2007.
  • Marie and him, entered in the Mission at this time.
Much concerned with the sufferings of the persecuted Church, They deplore that the religious yoke of obligatory forgiveness of her executioners is so often imposed on her.
Forgiveness which sets free is a very popular theory. This book goes against this point of view !
  • Please note that this book does not lay out one more opinion, but it exposes a systematic biblical study of all verses speaking of forgiveness in the New Testament, so that sound and holy doctrine emerges:
The rule of forgiveness is to forgive the same way God does, only those who ask for forgiveness, those who repent. 

The author greatly appreciates, among other brothers;


Torben SONDERGAARD who brought up to date the book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit , who God puts ahead of a worldwide movement of awaking in the holy sprit,

Allan RICH

  • Allan RICH valiant warrior of the Lord, who spread all over the world the true gospel of Christ without any compromises ;



Daniel VINDIGNI,,  the only well known pastor in France who had denounced the corrupt French government and its diabolical policy of lies and injections.

Contact Bro Patrick

  • This book is his first and he wants to share this study with as many of his brothers and sisters as possible. To do this, the paper and electronic versions will be distributed almost at cost price. Website www.pardonnerparfois.frallows you to view this study, as well as the website
  • This website is not a blog!
  • This website is not a forum!
  • You can ask questions, on condition that they are sincere and honest, for email here!.

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