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This book is an adaptation of the french original version, “Pardonner, parfois!?…”, in english langage. It is a study on forgiveness, as it is taught sometimes in Christian theology.
  • I believe it is important to understand the difference between the manifestation of love in Christians’s life and the manifestation of forgiveness.
  • I believe that the devil keeps in bondage both Christians who are unable to give a just forgiveness, and Christians who give all over the place unjust forgiveness.

Many books on the theory of "forgiveness which set you free" have been written in the evangelical world by famous Christians men and women.
  • We will see together that the purpose of forgiveness is not to set free.
  • We will also see that a Christian who does not give an unjust forgiveness is really set free, and feels strongly this freedom, because he truly abandoned his righteousness in the hands of God, as well as his vengeance.
  • It is not the majority that makes the truth and I believe it is important to return to the reality of the Word of God, taking care NOT to adapt the theories of the world to those of the Spirit.

Beyond this teaching, the precise discernment of the functioning of forgiveness is in my opinion a very powerful spiritual weapon!
  • Indeed, not renouncing the compensations, by not forgiving the unforgivable, compels Satan, our enemy, to execute the penalty to give us back the compensations.
  • Several illustrations and a set of Questions and Answers have been written to better understand what forgiveness means from God's point of view (not only from the Christian’s point of view who is seeking an inner healing).
  • In fact, I noticed that the greatest difficulty encountered by a long ago born again Christian, is the questioning of the "formatting" he received in his community... To get rid of his religious glasses is very hard. My wife and I were the first victims of this religious formatting, the bad understanding of the truth because of religious glasses.
Removing his religious glasses is very hard!
  • Of course, as the ecclesiastic would say, "there is nothing new under the sun" and I suppose that since 2000 years, another Christian has been able to write on this subject more smartly and elegantly than me.
  • But, I was the first one who enjoyed this study, the second and third were my wife and our sister in Christ Pierrette.
  • I hope you will enjoy this study as we did.

May the Holy Spirit leads us in the all the truth, keeping boldly all is good and rejecting what is not good.

Dieulefit on 10-NOV-2014