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  • To forgive or not to forgive, that is the question!
  • Do I have to forgive all those who harm me, without conditions, even if they don't care my forgiveness?
  • Am I compeeled to give up any reparations, any compensation for all prejudices?

Somebody would say, that these questions are completely out of sence because every Christian knows that Jesus-Christ taught us in the prayer to the Father; "forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors." (Matthew 6:12.) - It is not written to those who apologize to us. Certainly, it is not written here, but it is written elsewhere[1]! So, we will see, in the systematic study what is the scriptural rule of the forgiveness, the rule which is confirmed, not only by one but all verses which speak about the forgiveness.

You will notice, maybe with surprise, in the reading of the systematic study[2] That never Jesus-Christ forgave, himself somebody who would have directly offended him, it would be even rather the opposite[3].

Remember that on the cross, Jesus didn’t forgive, but ask to his father to do it...

We will see that the rule of the forgiveness is really simple. It is amazing that such a simple teaching is not teached in its simple way.

Personally I have never had too much problem with the forgiveness. I was never too vindictive and as soon as I became Christian, I was very quick to apologize when I harmed somebody. In the other way, when I was a victim, I had decided to apply, with a lot of superstitious and religious fear a "systematic allways forgiveness", stiking to the teachings usually taught in the churches[4] I went (Roman Catholic church, Pentecostal, protestant, evangelic churches).

At the end of 2011, during my morning communion with my God, suddenly, I had a revelation of a childish simplicity about forgiveness. This, solved all at once, the numerous particular cases of the forgivenesses difficult to give. Indeed, how many preachings, how many books, in which famous brothers tried to convince us how to forgive the unforgivable[5]... This morning, I received the simple word :

You have to forgive to the only one who apologizes.

Too simple to be true, but maybe to much dangerous! Indeed, the one who considers himself offended, while he is not would never forgive!... Hallelujah, what prevents this rule from being really dangerous and intolerable, it is the command that Jesus gave us to love our enemies. Notice that Jesus also add the only new command he gave to Christians only, that is to love one another as Christ did[6].

At that time, I shared this revelation with some close brothers and sisters in Christ. They said I was heretic[7]. How could I question so many holly teachings, as…

«the forgiveness which sets frees[8]... »

As I was sure that this revelation came from God, I made at first a fast biblical study which confirms the rule of the forgiveness; forgive the one who repent[9]. The opposition of my close friends was very strong. So I called some brothers in Christ, scholars in theology, and few of them confirmed me the rule of the forgiveness. Finally, I decided to make the systematic study[10] of the rule of the forgiveness, that is, the exhaustive and complete analysis of all the verses of the New Testament which speaks about the forgiveness[11].

In May, 2012, we were visited by a sister in Christ who had suffer gravely during her childhood. We prayed every day together, and were led to pray several times for the cure of her heart. As a " good Christian " she had obeyed the theory of the forgiveness which frees. She had forgiven her tormentors, but was not still free. I was then convinced that she had granted INEQUITABLE FORGIVENESSES, the forgivenesses that God himself would not have granted. Then, I suggested to my wife and my sister to make themselves the systematic study of the rule of the forgiveness by analyzing the list of all the verses which speak about it.

During few days, they reviewed and studied each of the verses in connection with the forgiveness. They were amazed to make the same conclusion as me.

The rule of the forgiveness is simple, taught by very Jesus-Christ himself, and it is the following one:

As God forgives only the one who repents, regrets, apologize, the Christian forgives only the one who repents, regrets, apologize. To understand this truth it is important to make the systematic study of all the verses of the New Testament which speaks about the forgiveness.

You will understand that the theory of the forgiveness which set you free, mainly considers the restricted point of view of the Christian, while the forgiveness is a legal act which it is especially necessary to consider from the exclusive God's point of view.

You will also understand that all the erroneous teachings on the forgiveness result from a confusion between love, justice, mercy and forgiveness.

Never anybody in the New Testament will, taught anyone to forgive, SYSTEMATICALLY, ALWAYS[12] to his enemies (the rule of the forgiveness will be clarified in the systematic biblical study of this book). On the other hand, we all received the command to love even our enemies.

We will see that we should not confuse the legal act of granting forgiveness, with the fact to not take revenge oneself?

We will see that we should not confuse the lightness of a heart which forgives with that of a heart fills with faith which surrender its righteousness in the hands of God?

This questioning gave the Holy Spirit the opportunity to enlighten us on all the inequitable forgivenesses which we granted, honestly, throughout our Christian life. Our sister in Christ, my wife and I, revoked all the inequitable, unforgivable forgivenesses which we had granted. God freed us from these sins[13] !

Then we had the light heart of a Christian which faithfully, does not take revenge, but abandons joyfully its justice in the hands of God.

We will see how the scripture demonstrates what is the rule of the forgiveness:

* God forgives indefatigably to every sinner who repents, apologizes to him.

* God teaches us[14], as his image I have to forgive indefatigably every man who sins against me and who repents, apologizes to me!

* Jesus-christ teaches himself in the Gospel Matthew.18:15-35 et Luke.17:1-10 that I can only grant a forgiveness to the one who repents, apologize, because we will see that granting an unjust forgiveness is as sinfull[15] as not granting a just forgiveness[16].

Notes and References

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  4. Chruch: Assembly, community of the Christians. Contrary to what is said in our de-christianized French-speaking countries today, it is written in the Bible that the word "Church" does not mean either building, or institution. The expression "Holly Mother Church" used in the Roman Catholic Church Roman in France to depict itself is a misuse of language which is NOWHERE justified in the Bible.
  5. After the slaughters of numerous Christians in Nigeria, the destruction of more than 70 churches, some people proposed to those who have lost their relatives to forgive to these monsters, barbarians who don't care any forgiveness. THAT IS THE UNFORGIVABLE! We will see that Jesus-Christ teaches us to love our enemies NOT to forgive them!
  6. John.13:34-35. I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. As I have loved you, you should also love one another. 35 By this all shall know that you are My disciples, if you have love toward one another.
  7. In – An heretic is a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church. Remember that in his time, Luther was an heretic according to declarations of the Roman Catholic Church, and the pope. The first Pentecostals were called heretics by their own Methodist congregation. In conclusion, beware on heresies but also of those who decide on whom is an heretic or not!
  8. Somebody would say that it is not a theory but a fact. The forgiveness frees, it releases the forgiver. But, they justify themselves by their personal experience. We will see the likely explanation of this symptom; What is frees us is to surrender our righteousness in the hands of God.
  9. To forgive as God forgives. He forgives only the one who repent, regrets and ask for forgiveness to him.
  10. A systematic study is said systematics because it explores completely the whole Bible (David Martin, Ostervald, Segond, Darby, King James) and its 31 102 verses : 23 145 in the Old Testament, 7 957 in the New Testament. In this systematic study all the 7 957 verses of the New Testament will be analyzed.
  11. This systematic study is the heart, the central purpose of this document.
  12. Neither Jesus Christ himself, nor later, any of the apostles, in particular Paul...
  13. To grant an inequitable forgiveness is a sin as grave as not to forgive anybody who repented, regretted of the wrong which he made us. The guilty cannot be released! The rule of the forgiveness exists! Deuteronomy.25:1. If there is a controversy between men, and they come to judgment, and they have been judged, and the righteous one is declared righteous, and the wrongdoer declared guilty,
  14. Matthew.18:15-35 et Luke.17:1-10 which are the fundamental teachings of the forgiveness given by Jesus-Christ himself.
  15. Isaiah.26:10 Let favor be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness he will deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.
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